Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

Damon H. Testimonial

On September 17, 2008 I fell from a roof resulting in pylon fractures shattering the tibias and fibulas of both my legs and severely fracturing the radius of my right wrist. After surgery, four months in a wheel chair and numerous sessions of conventional physical therapy I was walking again but with substantial pain and difficulty.

In June of 2009 I heard about Neurosomatic Therapy based on the St. Johns method. After some research and determining that this therapy could help me maximize my recovery potential I began treatments at the Corrective Massage Therapy Clinic in Gilmer Texas with Joleen Kolk. I quickly realized that this treatment is NOT the “feel good” massage that some may envision. Nor is this therapy one that is established to keep the patient returning for an endless sequence of sessions. My experience has been one of education.

From the start there is an effort to inform the patient of the science and physiology behind the treatment by means of informative easy to understand explanations during the sessions and utilizing patient educational videos. I am especially impressed with the “home work” which is assigned to help you treat yourself between sessions at the clinic. These daily self treatments are designed to accelerate the benefits of the therapy and ensure that the corrections are sustained. I feel this approach gives clear indication that the objective of this clinic is to truly help you get better so you do not have to keep coming back indefinitely. I find this refreshingly different from other practitioners and therapies.

The progress I have made since my first treatment is quite real. I realize that some of my improvement may be due to the natural healing process since my accident. But there is no doubt in my mind that the experienced intuitive application of this method of massage therapy has played a major roll in the recovery process. Today my posture is greatly improved, my walking is nearly normal and my pain is almost gone. Of course there is no therapy that is a “cure all” and the results of any therapy will yield varying success from person to person. But from my experience I feel this form of treatment is an essential element to reaching the greatest possible level of recovery from an accident such as mine. I have found that the treatment received at the Corrective Massage Therapy Clinic is a common sense approach to the improvement of a vast array of muscle and skeletal issues. Check into it. You’ll be glad you did.
Damon Hunter
Marshall, Texas

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