Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

Kathy Davis – Testimonial

My name is Kathy Davis. I am 47 years old. What brought me to Don? I
have suffered from pain since my first emergency c-section in 1983.

I have suffered from sciatica pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain,
neck pain, an excruciating burning pain in the middle of my back
& very uncomfortable pms & all the problems that come with it. I was
in constant fear of my hip going out or that I would fall & not be able
to get back up.

I had noticed I had gotten in the habit of asking my kids to pick
things up for me or just had to stop doing things I enjoyed like my
flowerbeds and getting in the floor with my grandchildren as it was
too painful or I was afraid my hip would go out and I would be in
intense pain for days.

About 1 year ago I was simply bending over to pick up my shoes &
fell in the floor. The pain was so severe I passed out. When I came
to I could not for the life of me get my legs to move. I was on the
floor for over an hour and finally with the aid of a friend got to my
feet. I went to the emergency room & had an xray. They told me I
had Ankylosing spondylitis-gave me a muscle relaxer and Tylenol 3 &
sent me home.

Then maybe 3 months later simply bending over to adjust my seat I
went into the same state. I was in excruciating pain so bad that I
could not even get in my car. Once again the Dr’s treatment was as
before. Prescriptions & get some rest. They suggested I stop doing
so much and take it easy. I am a very active person so being in this
state at 47 was just unacceptable to me. I was finally hitting the
point where there was no end to the pain. I could no longer lay down,
sit up or stand without pain.

My monthly cycle had gotten so bad at least 7 to 10 days prior- the
cramping, moodiness & swelling began. I literally was spending over
2 weeks of my month dealing with a painful monthly cycle. The doctors
solution for that-complete hysterectomy and hormones. Both of which I
was dead set against.

One of my dear friends who is a wonderful massage therapist told me
about Don. I was willing to give anything a try so that was my start.

Since I have issues with being touched it was a huge mental
undertaking for me to have my first session. I was a complete ball of
nerves and the day I walked in his office everything was hurting-on a
scale of 1 to 10 about a 9. Just the ride over in the car was very painful.

By session 3 I was completely at ease with Don and the treatments
were beginning to give me great relief. After 8 treatments I was for
once completely pain free for days. I could once again do the things
I wanted to do without pain and fear of not getting back up again.

To top the cake my next cycle came without me even knowing it. My
normal 7 to 10 days of misery never came. The cycle started and I
didn’t even know it. Normally it is very heavy and very very painful.
I finally had a normal light cycle with very little misery and very
little of the emotional instability I usually endure.

Don not only treated my pain, he gave me back my mobility & I now
have a normal cycle which has been a huge relief for me. He treated
me with dignity, had empathy for my pain and my emotional state &
truly listened to my concerns. He also taught me how to maintain a
pain free life by showing me better posture & giving me exercises I
do daily. I plan to see him as needed to maintain my current state.

I highly recommend Don and am very grateful for his professional
care, his big heart and for making me at ease and giving me a pain
free life I never thought I’d have again.

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