Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

Ladies, Put your best foot forward!

Feet take their fair share of abuse. We stand/walk on our feet all day. And women add to the abuse with strappy stilettos, flip flops, ballet slippers and others. We neglect our feet until we are in too much pain to ignore them anymore.

Try these recommended treatments to get relief

1. Plantar fasciitis

Feels like: A sharp pain in the heel of the foot. But it’s worse when you get out of bed.

The Cause: Inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the toes. Wearing shoes with very flat or very high heels can worsen the problem. If a shoe doesn’t support the arch, the fascia will be stretched, and that can cause inflammation. And if the achilles tendon is tight , that only aggravates the situation more.


Wear structured shoes. Look for pairs that support the arches and enclose the heels. Avoid going barefoot or wearing ballet slippers or flip-flops.

When trying on shoes do the squat test. Keep the upper body straight, bend at the knees performing a small squat. Wear does the center of your knees line up? If their was a plum bob in the middle of your knee hanging to the floor , where does that plum bob land? If you are wearing a good pair of shoes , with adequate arch support, the center or your knee should be just over your big toe and middle toe.

Reduce swelling:

Fill a plastic bottle with water , then freeze it.You can give your self a hydrotherapy massage, and reduce swelling by rolling the the bottle under your foot for a few minutes to sooth the pain.

Ladies, we should never wear high heel shoes. These shoes put a lot of pressure on the balls of our feet, and these shoes increase our pelvic flexion, causing low back pain and neck pain. But if you are one of those women that will never give up your shoes because of fashion keep these recommendations in mind.

Low heel : two inches or LOWER

Get rid of those stilettos. They are too high, and the heel is too then to give any support to your foot and ankle. Get a slightly chunkier heel. This will help keep the foot in alignment and reduces the risk of straining the ligaments.

Choose wide toed shoes as opposed to narrow shoes. Narrow shoes can give you ingrown toe nails, and hammer head toes. When wearing a flip-flop, get something with a strap on the ankle. If you do not have a strap to hold the shoe on the bottom of your foot , your toes dig in and grab the flip-flop to bring the bottom of the shoe to the sole of your foot. This causes pain through out the whole foot.

So now that you know different causes of foot pain, you are RESPONSIBLE. This is just a couple of ways to avoid foot pain. Now as neurosomatic therapist we know there is so much more involved in foot pain. You may be experiencing symptoms of pain on your feet. But through a postural analysis that we provide. We can tell you the cause of your pain. And working together you will be walking a pain free path.Kiss


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