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Lezlie Balentine-Testimonial

My name is Lezlie Balentine. But you can call me Ms. Skeptical. I am 44 years old and suffer from a lung disease called histoplasmosis. When I developed this disease I was a fit, healthy, 34-year old who was at the peak of her health getting ready to become an aerobics instructor.

Once the Drs. found the disease it was treated with surgery & medication however, the effects of the disease were far more debilitating than the disease itself as it left me with scar tissue in & around my lung, as well as scar tissue wrapped around my pulmonary artery. When irritated this artery bleeds & I cough up blood, which has resulted in many hospitalizations as well as massive steroid therapy & antibiotic therapy. This disease also left me with severe muscle spasms in & around my lung which were unbearably painful as well as debilitating because the muscle would spasm with everyday activities such as bending, turning, reaching, walking, breathing etc. Any of these normal daily activities could result in a muscle spasm in my lung just as a muscle spasm that you would get in your leg. The difference is that it’s my lung & diaphragm that are spasming cutting off my air! As a result I had become very sedentary not moving around much for fear of a spasm. I have been to doctor upon doctor & was told that there was nothing that they could do & they just gave me muscle relaxers & steroids. As a result I have become very put off with physicians because they could not solve the problem they could only put a “Band-Aid” on it.

I had a friend who had heard of Don Wheeler and his wonderful work. She began therapy with him as he told her that he could help her fibromyalgia, & osteoarthritis & her mobility limitations. She began going to him & within the first week she was improving. She suggested that I go & meet with him but I declined because I was still very skeptical because I had been to so many people & none of them could help me. I was also very protective of my lung because I knew that just a touch would send me into a spasm & I wasn’t convinced that Don could manage my condition successfully. So I watched & I waited. After a few months more her improvement was so dramatic she began doing away with her mobility devices. At that point, even though I was still skeptical, decided to at least talk with him. After patiently listening to my story he replied I can help you. He then said humbly I’m not a miracle worker but I believe I can get your body balanced so that it will work the way it was supposed to. I couldn’t believe it. But my condition was getting so bad that I could not even turn around at all without spasming. I figured it couldn’t get any worse. So I laid my skepticism aside & decided to trust Don. My first treatment was a very emotional one for me because I was terrified! As I figured with the first touch, my lung began to spasm. But for the first time in the history of my illness, Don was able to stop the spasm just as quickly as it had started. It didn’t even get to a full blown spasm! I cried I was so happy. I couldn’t believe it. I now had something that I had lost many years ago–HOPE. HOPE TO LIVE A PRODUCTIVE LIFE AGAIN.

It has now been 1 ½ since I started the treatments. I have not had a lung spasm for over a year. I have not had problems with my bleeding for about a year. Currently I work out at the health club 3 days a week doing aerobics & lifting weights. Oh by the way I can even do sit ups, which is something I have not done since before my illness started. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I must say that while Don Wheeler may not be a miracle worker he sure does work miracles…. or at least they sure feel like miracles.

Thank you Don. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are truly a ‘GIFT FROM GOD’.

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