Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy


Amber Stovall

In August of 2006 while playing on a coed softball team I was struck in the face by a ball thrown from centerfield as I ran from first to second base. My surgeon later presumed the ball to be traveling anywhere from 60 to 70 miles per hour. When the emergency room doctor informed me that there were several fractures on the right side of my face I wasn’t too concerned as the doctor himself did not seem to be. He gave me a prescription for the pain and told me to follow up with a specialist that week.

After arriving home and visiting the maxillofacial surgeon I was made aware of the seriousness of my injury. Due to the internal bleeding and swelling of the tissue it would be ten days before the surgeon would be able to piece together the bones of my right eye socket and cheek. Although my nose was cracked I was told that it would naturally heal because the bones had not shifted from their original position. Blood had filled my right sinus cavity so I was put on a prescription strength decongestant and my doctor recommended to not lie down past a 30 degree angle. During the time it took for the blood and swelling to dissapate gravity began to pull the right side of my face down.

As a result of the immense pain and disfigurement I became very depressed. Little did I know the pain, change in physical appearance, and seemingly neverending cycle of prescription medications had just begun. Surgery left me weak, in more pain and my face appeared to be even more disfigured than before. I started to lose weight rapidly as I was unable to chew and most everything I consumed had to be liquid. The pain never went away and I soon began to suffer from migraines. I first came to Joleen approximately three weeks after my surgery. She took an assessment of all my concerns and reassured me that she would do everything possible to help me feel and look like myself again.


I went to her for treatment as often as I possibly could sometimes two to three times a week finding that her treatments were the sole relief of my pain. As a result of the surgery I was left with nerve and tissue damage not to mention excessive scar tissue in multiple places. In a checkup visit to my surgeon he actually told me that there was a strong possibility that I would need to have another surgery to remove a piece of scar tissue that had adhered just under my eye creating a large dimple like feature in my cheek. Each treatment with Joleen offered a renewed hope within me as well as for lack of better words a -gut feeling- that everything was going to be ok. My depression began to fade along with the scar tissue that the surgeon had discussed surgically removing. It wasn’t long at all before the headache that had never seemed to go away began to wain.

The migraines became less intense and farther apart. Joleen’s miraculous treatment healed the loss of feeling in my cheek and teeth and also stopped the TMJ-like symptoms I was experiencing. Over a period of about 4 to 5 months my mother watched as my smile improved more and more until it was as before the injury… before the surgery… and before Joleen. Today I continue to see Joleen for treatments of ongoing sinus issues as a result of the injury as well as to keep me in balance from everyday life. Her variety of training and expertise in her field have proven to be life changing for me. Without her healing touch, soft-spoken encouragement, and true heartfelt devotion for the care of others I do not know where I’d be today.



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