Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

Testimonial – Michelle Threadgill

In April 2006 I was in an accident that left me with neck, chest, back and hip injuries. I was in such severe pain the medical doctors were encouraging me to get nerves in my neck frozen, steroid shots and possible surgery. Someone who had been in a similar accident recommended Don Wheeler to me. Don was very quick to get me in to see him and to work around my schedule. Although recovery was over time, I saw definite progress each time I had an appointment. During my assessment, it became very apparent that my hips were rotated forward significantly.

According to Don my hips were likely in this condition for several years, with the issue being brought to the forefront when I had the accident and my legs were jammed by the steering wheel. In the medical history assessment I documented that I had been pregnant 4 times and miscarried each time. Even with progesterone shots I had been unable to carry a child to full gestation. I did not think this issue was related at all to the condition of my muscles or the position of my hips. The pressure and strain on my hips and the muscles around had also put a strain on my uterus. Don explained that he had treated several women who were unable to conceive or had experienced reoccurring miscarriages.

In November 2006 I became pregnant. It was very nerve wracking for me, but Don and now his daughter Joleen were very supportive the entire time. For the duration of my pregnancy Joleen continued my massage therapy. The closer I got to labor, the more uncomfortable I became. My sessions with Joleen helped ease the discomfort. She really put me at ease and helped me have a good mindset for the delivery. Joleen also gave me postpartum massage, and even instructed me on how to massage myself and my beautiful baby girl.

During deliver the doctor did need to use forceps. I was concerned about how the strain on her neck would affect her well being. Joleen and Don immediately allowed me to come in to check her neck. There was some adjustment that was needed, but it was all very gentle. They also provided instruction on how to massage my little girl when she was gassy or colicky. I still see Don when I find I am sore or have injured myself in anyway.
Both Don and Joleen are very gifted massage therapists, but beyond that they are great people who will put you at ease and go above and beyond.
They have always been amazing to me, I think about them Often & am thankful every time I see Nadia. (which is a lot as you can imagine ;o)
I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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