Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

Estella Bell

My story begins about 10 years ago. I had to stop working because my back hurt so bad. I eventually went to a pain Doctor who gave me pills that helped. After 5 years the pills no longer worked. A friend told me about Don Wheeler, and I flat out rejected the idea, because I associated massage therapy with deep tissue massage that I had heard about, where they press clear to the bone and
I did not want that. But the pain got worse with each passing week. I finally broke down and went to see him. Mind you, before I went I was completely sedatary. I couldn’t clean house, do the dishes or anything.
Don discovered I had one leg shorter than the other along with a few other posteral embalances. Can you imagine walking on concrete 8 hours a day like that.
But that changed after a few visits, after a few months I no longer needed him. I recommend him to anyone who tells me they have chronic pain.
It wasn’t scary at all.

Jennifer Govan

My name is Jennifer Govan. I went to see Don Wheeler on Jan 26, 2014, it is a day that I will never forget because it is the first time in years I felt relief “pain free”. A friend of mine had been telling me about Don actually several of my friends that had been to him told me about him and how good they had felt after their visits, but I thought that with the condition I was dealing with there was no way he was going to help me. I was all the way wrong.

First off to tell you about what I am, “correction” was dealing with is I had a complex cyst that is the size of a kid’s basketball and a host of other issues. The cyst was so big I could feel it by pressing on my lower abdomen. I was in so much pain daily I was taking 8 to 10 Aleve a day. I went to my OBGYN and he informed me that I needed to have surgery right away but from my past surgery I was in so much pain I didn’t want to go through that again. In the meantime while I decided if I wanted to have surgery or not he prescribed me a full supply of Vicodin. I was in so much pain daily that after a while the Vicodin was not working at this point I was willing to try anything just to have a measure of relief. My friend was going to see Don on the evening of January 26 so I told her to make me an appointment too. To my surprise my appointment was the last one of the night at 9:30pm. I have to say I was so scared because I am not the girl that gets a massage on a regular basis to keep it real I have only had one massage in my life before I went to Don. So you can see why I was a little scared. Don informed me that the massage that I was about to experience was not your regular “foo foo” massage, this was going to be corrective massage and that it was.

Don explained things to me that I didn’t even know about my own body, things my OBGYN I have been going to for over 10 years had never told me. Don’s postural assessment suggested that much of the pain I was experiencing was due to my extreme pelvic flexion and the scared tissues from my previous surgery. As he assessed my postural analysis, he knew without me even telling him I had been in a car accident, just in the way I stood. “WOW”… Don talked to me and made me feel comfortable before he began treatment and then he went to work on me until 11:45pm. And went to work is what he did….. After I got off that table I felt immediate relief, “I FELT ABSOLUTELY GREAT” for years I have been in pain and the topic of most of my conversations if you talk to me long enough was about my pain; these day I am talking about Don Wheeler.

Before I left I asked Don could I give him a hug because I was so touched with emotions of joy and I felt so good. It’s been about 2 weeks now and I am still feeling great and I have started back doing activities that I couldn’t do before because I was in so much pain. I was in pain for so long and I expected it daily that now when I wake up or go to bed without pain it scares me but…it feels good and I’m so glad the pain is finally gone.
I would like to conclude by saying, I will “NOT” be having surgery after all, “thanks to Don Wheeler” and I am happy my friend made the appointment on January 26, 2014 for me that allowed me to experience the help I needed to feel “GREAT”!

Don, thank you so much and as I mentioned you have been the topic of my conversations lately for a very good reason, with that being said; one my friends have seen the good effect you had on me she will be coming to see you this weekend and so will I …So see you again soon.

Glenn Goggin – Testimonial

My name is Glenn Goggan, I was having a lot of pain in my right hip. This pain started a few years ago. As I got older the pain came more frequently. Now I’m sixty years old & the thought of having a hip replacement was on my mind. I did Not want that! Also, I knew a Doctor would probably start me on some type of prescription drugs with all sorts of side effects.

My wife met & was treated by both Don Wheeler & Joleen Kolk at their location in Canton Texas & she told me, “You need to see these folks”! I agreed & after my first two hour session my pain was 95% – 98% GONE! Now after one week there is still NO PAIN! It is So Good to wake up & Go All Day long PAIN FREE. Anyone Thinking of surgery should go see Don or Joleen, Period.
Thanks Very Much,
Glenn Goggan

Testimonial – Michelle Threadgill

In April 2006 I was in an accident that left me with neck, chest, back and hip injuries. I was in such severe pain the medical doctors were encouraging me to get nerves in my neck frozen, steroid shots and possible surgery. Someone who had been in a similar accident recommended Don Wheeler to me. Don was very quick to get me in to see him and to work around my schedule. Although recovery was over time, I saw definite progress each time I had an appointment. During my assessment, it became very apparent that my hips were rotated forward significantly.

According to Don my hips were likely in this condition for several years, with the issue being brought to the forefront when I had the accident and my legs were jammed by the steering wheel. In the medical history assessment I documented that I had been pregnant 4 times and miscarried each time. Even with progesterone shots I had been unable to carry a child to full gestation. I did not think this issue was related at all to the condition of my muscles or the position of my hips. The pressure and strain on my hips and the muscles around had also put a strain on my uterus. Don explained that he had treated several women who were unable to conceive or had experienced reoccurring miscarriages.

In November 2006 I became pregnant. It was very nerve wracking for me, but Don and now his daughter Joleen were very supportive the entire time. For the duration of my pregnancy Joleen continued my massage therapy. The closer I got to labor, the more uncomfortable I became. My sessions with Joleen helped ease the discomfort. She really put me at ease and helped me have a good mindset for the delivery. Joleen also gave me postpartum massage, and even instructed me on how to massage myself and my beautiful baby girl.

During deliver the doctor did need to use forceps. I was concerned about how the strain on her neck would affect her well being. Joleen and Don immediately allowed me to come in to check her neck. There was some adjustment that was needed, but it was all very gentle. They also provided instruction on how to massage my little girl when she was gassy or colicky. I still see Don when I find I am sore or have injured myself in anyway.
Both Don and Joleen are very gifted massage therapists, but beyond that they are great people who will put you at ease and go above and beyond.
They have always been amazing to me, I think about them Often & am thankful every time I see Nadia. (which is a lot as you can imagine ;o)
I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Damon H. Testimonial

On September 17, 2008 I fell from a roof resulting in pylon fractures shattering the tibias and fibulas of both my legs and severely fracturing the radius of my right wrist. After surgery, four months in a wheel chair and numerous sessions of conventional physical therapy I was walking again but with substantial pain and difficulty.

In June of 2009 I heard about Neurosomatic Therapy based on the St. Johns method. After some research and determining that this therapy could help me maximize my recovery potential I began treatments at the Corrective Massage Therapy Clinic in Gilmer Texas with Joleen Kolk. I quickly realized that this treatment is NOT the “feel good” massage that some may envision. Nor is this therapy one that is established to keep the patient returning for an endless sequence of sessions. My experience has been one of education.

From the start there is an effort to inform the patient of the science and physiology behind the treatment by means of informative easy to understand explanations during the sessions and utilizing patient educational videos. I am especially impressed with the “home work” which is assigned to help you treat yourself between sessions at the clinic. These daily self treatments are designed to accelerate the benefits of the therapy and ensure that the corrections are sustained. I feel this approach gives clear indication that the objective of this clinic is to truly help you get better so you do not have to keep coming back indefinitely. I find this refreshingly different from other practitioners and therapies.

The progress I have made since my first treatment is quite real. I realize that some of my improvement may be due to the natural healing process since my accident. But there is no doubt in my mind that the experienced intuitive application of this method of massage therapy has played a major roll in the recovery process. Today my posture is greatly improved, my walking is nearly normal and my pain is almost gone. Of course there is no therapy that is a “cure all” and the results of any therapy will yield varying success from person to person. But from my experience I feel this form of treatment is an essential element to reaching the greatest possible level of recovery from an accident such as mine. I have found that the treatment received at the Corrective Massage Therapy Clinic is a common sense approach to the improvement of a vast array of muscle and skeletal issues. Check into it. You’ll be glad you did.
Damon Hunter
Marshall, Texas


Amber Stovall

In August of 2006 while playing on a coed softball team I was struck in the face by a ball thrown from centerfield as I ran from first to second base. My surgeon later presumed the ball to be traveling anywhere from 60 to 70 miles per hour. When the emergency room doctor informed me that there were several fractures on the right side of my face I wasn’t too concerned as the doctor himself did not seem to be. He gave me a prescription for the pain and told me to follow up with a specialist that week.

After arriving home and visiting the maxillofacial surgeon I was made aware of the seriousness of my injury. Due to the internal bleeding and swelling of the tissue it would be ten days before the surgeon would be able to piece together the bones of my right eye socket and cheek. Although my nose was cracked I was told that it would naturally heal because the bones had not shifted from their original position. Blood had filled my right sinus cavity so I was put on a prescription strength decongestant and my doctor recommended to not lie down past a 30 degree angle. During the time it took for the blood and swelling to dissapate gravity began to pull the right side of my face down.

As a result of the immense pain and disfigurement I became very depressed. Little did I know the pain, change in physical appearance, and seemingly neverending cycle of prescription medications had just begun. Surgery left me weak, in more pain and my face appeared to be even more disfigured than before. I started to lose weight rapidly as I was unable to chew and most everything I consumed had to be liquid. The pain never went away and I soon began to suffer from migraines. I first came to Joleen approximately three weeks after my surgery. She took an assessment of all my concerns and reassured me that she would do everything possible to help me feel and look like myself again.


I went to her for treatment as often as I possibly could sometimes two to three times a week finding that her treatments were the sole relief of my pain. As a result of the surgery I was left with nerve and tissue damage not to mention excessive scar tissue in multiple places. In a checkup visit to my surgeon he actually told me that there was a strong possibility that I would need to have another surgery to remove a piece of scar tissue that had adhered just under my eye creating a large dimple like feature in my cheek. Each treatment with Joleen offered a renewed hope within me as well as for lack of better words a -gut feeling- that everything was going to be ok. My depression began to fade along with the scar tissue that the surgeon had discussed surgically removing. It wasn’t long at all before the headache that had never seemed to go away began to wain.

The migraines became less intense and farther apart. Joleen’s miraculous treatment healed the loss of feeling in my cheek and teeth and also stopped the TMJ-like symptoms I was experiencing. Over a period of about 4 to 5 months my mother watched as my smile improved more and more until it was as before the injury… before the surgery… and before Joleen. Today I continue to see Joleen for treatments of ongoing sinus issues as a result of the injury as well as to keep me in balance from everyday life. Her variety of training and expertise in her field have proven to be life changing for me. Without her healing touch, soft-spoken encouragement, and true heartfelt devotion for the care of others I do not know where I’d be today.



Yvette Bryant – Testimonial

My name is Yvette Bryant. In 1995, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & osteoarthrits, which caused severe pain in my back as well as many other areas of my body. When I went to the Dr. they said that it was just arthritis & it was in my head (which is their way of saying I don’t know) & the only solution was to take pain medication & steroids. I kept this regime for 4 years with no success.

At this point in my life I had a forward tilt in my pelvis & this caused me to have to use canes, walkers, & wheelchairs to ambulate. One day I ran into a friend who I knew to have severe muscle pain & she looked great. When I asked what helped her condition to improve she said Don Wheeler.

Although I had been to several physicians, chiropractors, & psychiatrists I decided to call & talk w him. After a very lengthy conversation he said he could help me & although I was a little unsure I decided that the pain was greater that fear. So I decided to take a chance with this Don Wheeler. I went for the initial assessment & found that I did not only have the conditions mentioned above, but I also had a curvature of the spine. When I asked Don why the doctors could not find it he replied because they are only looking at one part of the picture.

They are taking x-rays of the upper & then the lower spine but never have they put the two together & I couldn’t believe that it was just that simple.

After Don’s assessment I was informed that the majority of my pain was because one leg was shorter than the other which caused my pelvis to tilt forward. He informed me that he could fix it & that it would take about 12 months of weekly sessions of therapy. At this point I was convinced that this man knew his stuff. So I said let the games begin. And begin they did.

The first week I saw marked improvements in my body. My condition continued to improve weekly. By the 2nd month I no longer needed the wheelchair, by the 4th month I no longer needed the walker, & by the 7th month I no longer need the cane. Today, I have returned to my normal activities, which includes a lot of walking & many other mobility related activities.

I would like to end by saying a BIG THANK YOU DON WHEELER because on June 4, 2005 my grandson got married & I was able to do something that I never thought I would ever do again. I danced the night away.

Lezlie Balentine-Testimonial

My name is Lezlie Balentine. But you can call me Ms. Skeptical. I am 44 years old and suffer from a lung disease called histoplasmosis. When I developed this disease I was a fit, healthy, 34-year old who was at the peak of her health getting ready to become an aerobics instructor.

Once the Drs. found the disease it was treated with surgery & medication however, the effects of the disease were far more debilitating than the disease itself as it left me with scar tissue in & around my lung, as well as scar tissue wrapped around my pulmonary artery. When irritated this artery bleeds & I cough up blood, which has resulted in many hospitalizations as well as massive steroid therapy & antibiotic therapy. This disease also left me with severe muscle spasms in & around my lung which were unbearably painful as well as debilitating because the muscle would spasm with everyday activities such as bending, turning, reaching, walking, breathing etc. Any of these normal daily activities could result in a muscle spasm in my lung just as a muscle spasm that you would get in your leg. The difference is that it’s my lung & diaphragm that are spasming cutting off my air! As a result I had become very sedentary not moving around much for fear of a spasm. I have been to doctor upon doctor & was told that there was nothing that they could do & they just gave me muscle relaxers & steroids. As a result I have become very put off with physicians because they could not solve the problem they could only put a “Band-Aid” on it.

I had a friend who had heard of Don Wheeler and his wonderful work. She began therapy with him as he told her that he could help her fibromyalgia, & osteoarthritis & her mobility limitations. She began going to him & within the first week she was improving. She suggested that I go & meet with him but I declined because I was still very skeptical because I had been to so many people & none of them could help me. I was also very protective of my lung because I knew that just a touch would send me into a spasm & I wasn’t convinced that Don could manage my condition successfully. So I watched & I waited. After a few months more her improvement was so dramatic she began doing away with her mobility devices. At that point, even though I was still skeptical, decided to at least talk with him. After patiently listening to my story he replied I can help you. He then said humbly I’m not a miracle worker but I believe I can get your body balanced so that it will work the way it was supposed to. I couldn’t believe it. But my condition was getting so bad that I could not even turn around at all without spasming. I figured it couldn’t get any worse. So I laid my skepticism aside & decided to trust Don. My first treatment was a very emotional one for me because I was terrified! As I figured with the first touch, my lung began to spasm. But for the first time in the history of my illness, Don was able to stop the spasm just as quickly as it had started. It didn’t even get to a full blown spasm! I cried I was so happy. I couldn’t believe it. I now had something that I had lost many years ago–HOPE. HOPE TO LIVE A PRODUCTIVE LIFE AGAIN.

It has now been 1 ½ since I started the treatments. I have not had a lung spasm for over a year. I have not had problems with my bleeding for about a year. Currently I work out at the health club 3 days a week doing aerobics & lifting weights. Oh by the way I can even do sit ups, which is something I have not done since before my illness started. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I must say that while Don Wheeler may not be a miracle worker he sure does work miracles…. or at least they sure feel like miracles.

Thank you Don. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are truly a ‘GIFT FROM GOD’.

Kathy Davis – Testimonial

My name is Kathy Davis. I am 47 years old. What brought me to Don? I
have suffered from pain since my first emergency c-section in 1983.

I have suffered from sciatica pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain,
neck pain, an excruciating burning pain in the middle of my back
& very uncomfortable pms & all the problems that come with it. I was
in constant fear of my hip going out or that I would fall & not be able
to get back up.

I had noticed I had gotten in the habit of asking my kids to pick
things up for me or just had to stop doing things I enjoyed like my
flowerbeds and getting in the floor with my grandchildren as it was
too painful or I was afraid my hip would go out and I would be in
intense pain for days.

About 1 year ago I was simply bending over to pick up my shoes &
fell in the floor. The pain was so severe I passed out. When I came
to I could not for the life of me get my legs to move. I was on the
floor for over an hour and finally with the aid of a friend got to my
feet. I went to the emergency room & had an xray. They told me I
had Ankylosing spondylitis-gave me a muscle relaxer and Tylenol 3 &
sent me home.

Then maybe 3 months later simply bending over to adjust my seat I
went into the same state. I was in excruciating pain so bad that I
could not even get in my car. Once again the Dr’s treatment was as
before. Prescriptions & get some rest. They suggested I stop doing
so much and take it easy. I am a very active person so being in this
state at 47 was just unacceptable to me. I was finally hitting the
point where there was no end to the pain. I could no longer lay down,
sit up or stand without pain.

My monthly cycle had gotten so bad at least 7 to 10 days prior- the
cramping, moodiness & swelling began. I literally was spending over
2 weeks of my month dealing with a painful monthly cycle. The doctors
solution for that-complete hysterectomy and hormones. Both of which I
was dead set against.

One of my dear friends who is a wonderful massage therapist told me
about Don. I was willing to give anything a try so that was my start.

Since I have issues with being touched it was a huge mental
undertaking for me to have my first session. I was a complete ball of
nerves and the day I walked in his office everything was hurting-on a
scale of 1 to 10 about a 9. Just the ride over in the car was very painful.

By session 3 I was completely at ease with Don and the treatments
were beginning to give me great relief. After 8 treatments I was for
once completely pain free for days. I could once again do the things
I wanted to do without pain and fear of not getting back up again.

To top the cake my next cycle came without me even knowing it. My
normal 7 to 10 days of misery never came. The cycle started and I
didn’t even know it. Normally it is very heavy and very very painful.
I finally had a normal light cycle with very little misery and very
little of the emotional instability I usually endure.

Don not only treated my pain, he gave me back my mobility & I now
have a normal cycle which has been a huge relief for me. He treated
me with dignity, had empathy for my pain and my emotional state &
truly listened to my concerns. He also taught me how to maintain a
pain free life by showing me better posture & giving me exercises I
do daily. I plan to see him as needed to maintain my current state.

I highly recommend Don and am very grateful for his professional
care, his big heart and for making me at ease and giving me a pain
free life I never thought I’d have again.