Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy

Yvette Bryant – Testimonial

My name is Yvette Bryant. In 1995, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & osteoarthrits, which caused severe pain in my back as well as many other areas of my body. When I went to the Dr. they said that it was just arthritis & it was in my head (which is their way of saying I don’t know) & the only solution was to take pain medication & steroids. I kept this regime for 4 years with no success.

At this point in my life I had a forward tilt in my pelvis & this caused me to have to use canes, walkers, & wheelchairs to ambulate. One day I ran into a friend who I knew to have severe muscle pain & she looked great. When I asked what helped her condition to improve she said Don Wheeler.

Although I had been to several physicians, chiropractors, & psychiatrists I decided to call & talk w him. After a very lengthy conversation he said he could help me & although I was a little unsure I decided that the pain was greater that fear. So I decided to take a chance with this Don Wheeler. I went for the initial assessment & found that I did not only have the conditions mentioned above, but I also had a curvature of the spine. When I asked Don why the doctors could not find it he replied because they are only looking at one part of the picture.

They are taking x-rays of the upper & then the lower spine but never have they put the two together & I couldn’t believe that it was just that simple.

After Don’s assessment I was informed that the majority of my pain was because one leg was shorter than the other which caused my pelvis to tilt forward. He informed me that he could fix it & that it would take about 12 months of weekly sessions of therapy. At this point I was convinced that this man knew his stuff. So I said let the games begin. And begin they did.

The first week I saw marked improvements in my body. My condition continued to improve weekly. By the 2nd month I no longer needed the wheelchair, by the 4th month I no longer needed the walker, & by the 7th month I no longer need the cane. Today, I have returned to my normal activities, which includes a lot of walking & many other mobility related activities.

I would like to end by saying a BIG THANK YOU DON WHEELER because on June 4, 2005 my grandson got married & I was able to do something that I never thought I would ever do again. I danced the night away.

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